Full set of acrylic nails £20.00

Choose from a variety of coloured tips, including white or natural tips.


Full set of gel nails from £22.50

Choose from a range of white tips or from our range of gel colours to createthe look you desire.


Natural overlay from £15.00

Choose from gel or acryric to cover your own nails, to give strength and a nice natural look.


Express nails £12.00

These false nails are ideal for someone who only wants them for a short time, such as an occasion as they dont last as long as the other nail systems.


Infills from £15.00

This maintenence treatment will be needed every 2-3 weeks after your gel/acrylics have been applied.


Shellac polish from £15.00

This is a gel polish that is great for natural nails to give them strength and a nice naturallook. This polish lasts up to 2 weeks without chipping like an ordinary polish.


Nail replace £2.50

Do not worry if you loose a nail, just nip in and we'll be happy to fix it.


Tidy up £7.00

For clients with acrylic nails on that fancy a change of paint or design in between the infills time.


Nail art from £2.50

We offer a range of nail art from hand painted to 3D in a range of colours and designs. Feel free to bring a design with you and we can use your ideas to create something personalised to you.


Soak off £10.00

We will remove your false nails in the best and safe way to protect your natural nails.


Acrylic toes from £12

Choose from acrylic just on your big toe nails and a file and polish or acrylic on them all, this can help build up a natural looking nail if your's is left broken or very short.


Gel toes from £15.00

Choose from a range of colours in our range of gel polishes, these polishes are instantly dry so no need for flip flops in the cold weather. The gel polishes also last a number of weeks without chipping.


Manicure £10.00

A great way to relax with a nice hand and arm massage aswell as a tidy up and look after the condition on your natural nails.


Pedicure £15.00

Enjoy a foot and leg massage and helps remove unwanted and hard skin to leave your feet feeling nice and soft again.


File and polish £5.00 

choose from a range of coloured varnishes French polish £2.00 extra.

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